Monday, February 18, 2008


So I am OBSESSED with Rock Band now! It's the first video game Dave has ever owned that I'm actually asking if we can play. Actually, we've been inviting people over to play on the weekends for 8 weeks in a row. I started out just singing the songs, the instraments seemed too hard for my little brain. But I decided to give the guitar a shot and I started to LOVE IT! It is so much fun to play and it's an excellent party game. We have a few friends who love to play with us: Matt & Rachel Ludlow, Brantley & Erin Garrett, and our new veteran Rock Banders Andrew & Tiffani Morgan.
They are quite impressive I must say. Andrew totally rocks the guitar, his fingers move so fast it makes me dizzy. Tiffani does it all, she plays guitar, drums and sings. She encouraged me to give the drums a try, I did and did okay. I think I'll stick to singing and guitar for now.
We've had the Morgan's over two weeks in a row, they are so fun to play with. Their son Carson just sits there and soaks it all in. He's preparing for his future as a member of the band!


The Morgans said...

We are Rock Stars for sure. You guys are more adventurous than us with all of the "cool" downloaded songs. We enjoy band practice and it has been fun getting to know you guys better. 'Til next time, for those about to rock we salute you.

Julie said...

Rock Band is so fun! We played it all Christmas and I'm terrible at the drums. I'm pretty awesome at Guitar though cause we have Guitar Hero 2 and 3 so that got me all prepped! Rock On!

Keri and Corey said...

As a mom I must implore
video games are such a BORE

Until I held that one guitar
And all of a sudden I was a star!

Now to my kids dismay
You'll find me playing in the day

Just to "practice" like a nut
Hoping to kick my husbands Butt!

hahahahah LOL!!

Becca said...

Awesome! That looks like fun. Like karaoke multiplied by 100. I've never seen that before. I think Bob would totally love the drums. I've always wanted to learn, too. I think chick drummers rock! LOL
Rock on!! =)