Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I don't normally like to try to play catch-up on the blog, but I wanted to post about Logan's perfect attendance award. On the last day of school they presented the perfect attendance medals to all the kids who didn't miss a single day of school. Logan got a medal for the 2nd year on a row! Pretty crazy, huh! My kids don't seem to get sick very often and Logan really loves school and doesn't want to miss it. We were really proud of him!
After the medals were given out all the recipents got to go to the cafeteria with their parents and have donuts and juice with the principal. There were a few other kids from our ward that got the award too. I felt bad for Mason because he only missed 1 day of school, but there's no award for that. I gave him one of my old medals from junior high and said it was the "Almost Perfect Attendance" award. He seemed okay with that.
Today we'll be taking Logan to get an MRI like Noah had a few months ago. They just want to check that Logan doesn't have a similar brain problem as Noah. Wish us luck!