Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Welcome Baron David Bitter

(one day old)
Ok, ok....I know it doesn't take very long to make a blog post. I'm crazy behind on my blog, but what am I NOT behind on these days....seriously. Besides having my baby 3 1/2 weeks early, I still had some portrait sittings to edit after I had him, so I've been a little overwhelmed lately. My photography workload is slowing down finally and I can think about Christmas and my darling new "baby bear". Here are some details in a nutshell....
I had a baby shower on the 19th, went to see Twilight on the 21st and my water broke after church while napping on the 23rd. We got the the hospital around 4pm, in a great mood I might add. I got potocin (sp?) and began contractions, I breathed through them for a while then decided I was ready for my epidural. Unfortanately, the contractions got really painful really fast, too fast for the anestheseologist to give me my epidural. He ended up flying out in one push ....au naturale!! He was 5lbs 15 oz, 18 in. long. born at 7:40pm. That was definately the most pain I ever remember feeling, but it was over pretty quickly and my recovery has been amazingly fast. I really only had to recover from some muscle aches for the first week. He's been such a sweet little guy. Didn't nurse that well in the beginning but he's doing much better now. His brothers ALL adore him, in fact they fight over getting to hold him and kiss his head. We've been so blessed with our fifth and final boy!