Monday, June 29, 2009

Kids say.....

I know no one is reading our blog anymore because I only seem to update once every 4 months!!! Oh well, life is busy. I feel a new resolve to be better at using this blog as a journal, to update more often, and to blog about everyday life- not just the big events. Here's my jumpstart effort! The summer has been pretty boring so far. We did just go camping for a couple days, that has been the highlight so far. I'll post on that soon. I just had to get the ball rolling.
Today, Noah asked if he could watch the movie "the Chronicles of Narnia". He means the first one. Roman got all excited and said, " I wanna watch the "barnicles of marnia!!" I just laughed and said, "sure! you can watch the barnicles of marnia!" I love it when he says things wrong!