Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Scarey Experience....

(Noah getting a CT scan)
We've had quite a crazy last 6 months with hospital visits. On February 3rd, our sweet little Noah had a seizure in the car while I was driving home from his opthamologist appt. downtown. After his appt. we met Dave for lunch and then began the 30 min drive home. Noah fell asleep on the drive home so I wasn't really paying attention to him in the backseat. When we were almost home I heard some noises back there and figured he was waking up. When I looked in the mirror he looked a little odd and falling over in his seat. I asked him if he was okay and he didn't answer me. I noticed that his head was turning to one side repetatively and he started drooling. I knew then that something was wrong. It's kind of weird but I remembered my dog doing the same head movement and drooling the day we had to put her to sleep. I realized he must be having a seizure. I was nearing the freeway exit home but I didn't know what to do. I decided quickly to get back on the freeway and I called 911. They met me when I pulled over into a business park nearby. Needless to say I was crying uncontrollably and totally scared for my sweet little Noah. The firetruck arrived first then an ambulance. They checked him out and put him on a gerny(sp?). The rushed him to the ER and I followed behind. I called Dave in a complete panic and told him to meet us at the ER.
To make a long story shorter....he was given anti-seizure meds in the ambulance and put on an IV and oxygen when he got to the ER. He started to return to normal slowly. He was very scared and crying so we tried to distract him with the red light attached to his finger. We told him it was a laser like Buzz Lightyear. So he lasered everything in the room. He became happier until they gave him a catheter! (Yikes) They ordered a CT scan and the results showed a part of his brain that hadn't completely formed together. That made him more susceptible to seizures. They sent us home with instructions to meet with a pediatric neurologist and to have an MRI and EEG done ASAP. He's been doing just fine since we got home but we're all a little scared. He is such a trooper, he has been through soooo much and always has such a sweet smile on his face. We were so blessed to have so many caring friends and family there for us, praying for Noah and keeping us in their thoughts. We'll update as we get more test results, etc.... We would appreciate your prayers for Noah.

(Noah's laser finger that kept him happy!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Okay, now that I have 5 kids I have a completely legitimate reason to become a fairweather blogger. I have now decided to take up the mindset of BWO: Blogging Without Obligation. I have enough in my life to be stressed about, I cannot stress myself out over not blogging in two months. HEY, I just had a baby for crying out loud! That's the best excuse there is besides dying really. So now, I am back into the swing of things a bit but I won't be blogging as often as I used to I'm afraid. So maybe I'll try to make my posts longer when I do, or I'll make multiple posts when I finally get around to it. We'll see. I'm lifting the burden off of my shoulders, I refuse to feel guilty for not blogging. So THERE!
Here's my cute little baby bear smiling! He's such a little cute muffin! He's really grinning a lot now. Especially when he wakes up in the morning. No laughing yet, but we'll get there. We've got him on Prevacid now for acid reflux and that seems to help with his crankiness. It's hard to enjoy his cuteness when he's crying all the time! He seems much happier now. What a relief! And incase you're wondering, even when he was cranky all the time, he actually slept pretty well at night, like 6 hours straight. Thanks for checking up on us, I'll be blogging more I think but without guilt.