Monday, April 2, 2007

Logan's lost his two front teeth!!

One February 12th Logan lost his first front tooth. It had been loose for a long time and the new tooth was actually already coming in behind it. We were getting a little worried because it wouldn't come out and got wiggled out! We were so excited! He was very lucky and the Tooth Fairy brought him a beautiful, 35 year old, shiny silver dollar!!!!! What a treat!

On March 10th, his 2nd front tooth came out! He was very brave and worked really hard to wiggle it out! He looks so cute with his two front teeth missing!

Roman's 1st Birthday!

Our happy little birthday boy!! He thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate cake! He had a fun birthday with his brothers!

He got a super soft mickey mouse stuffed toy, a fisher price airplane toy and some others.

Before he was born some friends gave us this darling little birthday hat that we've been dying to use for a year! We finally got to crown him the Birthday Boy on February 10th! He's such a sweet little boy! He finally began walking about three weeks after he turned 1 year old. Now he's walking all over the house and climbing the stairs to his heart's content! He's very independent now and even knows how to get down the stairs by himself too!

Noah's 3rd Birthday!

We celebrated Noah's 3rd birthday on February 7th at Chuck E. Cheese! We invited a few of Noah's little buddies and they all played lots of games and ate pizza and had yummy cake! He celebrated with his three brothers, Logan, Mason, and Roman, his cousins Sophia and Kian...and his buddies: Levi, Zachary, and Austin Barney, Preston, Tiffany, and Samantha Clark, Natalie and Elizabeth Hodgson. Fun was had by all and Noah got some fun little presents! He is such a darling little three year old!
( I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted, my blogger account was having problems....or rather I was. I'd forgotten my username and couldn't log on!! Silly me!)