Monday, March 31, 2008

Blowing bubbles by hand!

Jennifer Perrow is fast becoming one of the coolest people I've ever met! She is so fun to be around. She's so easy going, relaxed, interesting, inspiring, etc.... I could go on and on. She and her family came over for dinner last night. She showed us a really cool trick with dish soap and your fingers.
If you just put dish soap on your hands, mix a little water with it and rub your hands together, your ready to blow bubbles. You then rub your thumb and index finger together and open them into a circle (above) making sure not to break the fingers apart, you just blow and VOILA!! She's amazing at this! She was blowing the biggest bubbles! Logan just loved it and wanted to learn.
After just a few minutes Logan had picked it up easily and was blowing some great bubbles too!
Thanks Jen, for showing us some new family fun!! Bathtime will never be the same! (She said Dove body soap works too!)

Dave goes on a hike!

Last weekend, Dave went on another campout with the Young Men and this time they hiked to their campsite. This new calling is requiring him to go on a campout once a month and he's having to buy lots of fun new camping gear. For this trip he bought a hiking pack, a better sleeping bag, some new hiking boots (which ended up hurting his feet) and a few other smaller items to help with the camping. He's had so much fun being in YM's. It's like being a kid all over again! We sure miss him while he's gone for 24 hours but he's learning a lot that will help us when we go camping as a family!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I've been tagged- by Keri D..

A- Attached or Single?- Married (attached) to my husband Dave, 11 years on May 10th!
B- Best Friend? - Dave and Wendi Sorenson
C- Cake or Pie?- Definately cake!
D-Day of choice?- Friday man! I love date night with Dave!
E- Essential item?- cell phone (to feel connected), computer (for blogging/surfing), and makeup
F- Favorite color?- right now? hmmmm...Red
G- Gummy bears or worms? Definately Gummi bears, Haribo from Deutschland!
H-Hometown?- Citrus Heights, CA
I- Indulgence(s)?- Twilight obsession, biweekly manicures, clothes/shoe shopping
J- January or July? - tough one...I guess July 'cause kids are out of school and we can go camping.
K-Kids?- 4 boys, Logan, Mason, Noah, & Roman
L- Life is incomplete without?- Family, friends, the Gospel
M- Marriage date?- May 10th, 1997
N- Number of siblings?- 1 sister
O- Oranges or apples?- Apples, I hate peeling oranges
P- Phobias or fears?- losing my family or friends, evil things
Q- Quotes?- "Forget yourself and go to work!" Gordan B. Hinckley
R- Reasons to smile?- My kids being particularly cute/funny, beautiful weather, a good shoot, a compliment
S-Season? - Spring! After a lame cold winter, I love when the sun comes out and we can PLAY!
T-Tag 5 people?- Brooke T., Nikki C., Katie E., Tiffani M., April S.
U- Unknown fact?-I am horribly unorganized, I seriously need help!
V- Very Favorite store?- Target, TJ Maxx
W- Worst Habit?- disorganization in every aspect of my life!!
X- X-ray or ultrasound?- ultrasound
Y-Your favorite food?- Mexican, pizza, italian
Z- Zodiac?- raging Taurus!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Twilight, from a Mormon Husband's point of view

I came across this guys blog as I surfed my site. This guys is hilarious, a great writer too! His perspective on Twilight is really funny! I added a comment, you should too if you feel so inclined!

This one is from a different husband's perspective, also very funny! It's worth the read!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Bitter Boys' Bug

Dave know's I've always wanted a Volkswagen, in fact, we almost bought a VW Jetta back in '98. Unfortunately, my VW dream never had anything to do with an old car, only a new car. His Volkswagen dream, however, starred an old 1967 Volkwagen Beetle. He's been wanting one for a couple years now. Some friends at work (thanks guys!) convinced him that buying an old beetle would be a great place to start learning how to work on cars. I'm really impressed that he's so anxious to learn how to work on cars, and even more excited that he wants to teach his sons too. I just didn't expect it to happen until Logan was a few years from driving. He's not even 8 yet!! Well, let me introduce the newest member of the Bitter bunch.....
We haven't named her yet, but the boys (all 5 of them) love her already! We picked her up on Saturday and they were already fighting who got to ride in the new car. Logan and Mason rode in the bug on the way to church and Noah hitched a ride with them on the way home. It was so cute to see the smiles on my boys' faces as they drove past me. I had to laugh when Dave would have trouble with gear switching after every red light. He's a little rusty at a manual transmission I suppose. As reluctant as I was to have Dave buy this old car, it seems to be pretty popular. I'll admit, it make's me smile.
Dave bought the car from one of his old Sunday School kids who restored it with his dad. They've done so much to this car, it's crazy. Dave really doesn't have much to work on for now. Maybe a wash down and some new carpet, but that's about it. It's in great shape and Dave's convinced me that they retain their value so I don't feel like (in this horrible economy..) we've made a bad investment. On the contrary, Dave thinks we've made a great investment, we'll see about that. ;)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My MAD Scientists!

Today was full of science! I was watching my sisters kids after school, which my boys look forward to every week. Logan just finished his last week in his Mad Science program yesterday. All of his fun projects have inspired his brothers to be excited about science. Today all the kids wanted to make "potions". Mason got a water bottle and filled it with water, then we added salt, pepper, and some lovely green food coloring (because potions HAVE to be green). He was so excited to have his own bottle of potion that could possibly turn you into a pokey weed! His cousins, Sophia and Kian wanted to make their own potions too. Sophia's potion contained water, salt, pepper, and yellow food-coloring and if you drink it, it will turn you into a banana bigger than the earth. Kian's potion was blue, Noah's potion was light green, and Logan's had one drop of red, one of yellow, one of green and one of blue. This was a blast for them and soooooo easy. I recommend it for any kids who are interested in "science".
My little "scientists"!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dave's snow camping trip

Matt Ludlow in the snow cave.
(pardon the crudeness of the pictures, Dave used his phone to take them.)
Dave was finally called into the Young Men's program as a Teacher's Quorum advisor, he is so excited. One of his first major activities was to go snow camping this last weekend. Wow, I was a little worried how Dave would handle that. Don't get me wrong, he loves camping, in the summer! He's just very picky about getting a good night's rest, even when he's camping. That's sounds like a nightmare to me, I loath being cold while I'm trying to sleep. (Dave in the snow cave)
So they built a "snow cave" similar to an igloo. You dig it out of the side of a snow hill and leave a small opening. It was supposedly going to keep them much warmer than a tent would. Dave said it took them three hours to dig, ouch! But he did confirm that he slept great and it really didn't get that cold. I was so proud of him!

He had a great time getting to know all the young men that came on the trip. We really don't have many young men anymore, only like 15 total. Matt Ludlow and him are over the teachers and I think they've got two guys. Oh well, those two will get a lot of attention!
Matt in the opening of the snow cave.
A larger view of the snow cave.