Monday, March 17, 2008

Twilight, from a Mormon Husband's point of view

I came across this guys blog as I surfed my site. This guys is hilarious, a great writer too! His perspective on Twilight is really funny! I added a comment, you should too if you feel so inclined!

This one is from a different husband's perspective, also very funny! It's worth the read!


Keri and Corey said...

Well first I have to say that I went on the normal mormon husbands site and I was laughing forever and couldn't stop reading his other posts either. He reminds me of steve... he is funny like that. I left a comment on the edward thing I was dying!! so two I just read the first twilight book! I kept hearing how good it was, but it totally sucked me in and I read it in 2 days and totally neglected everything! I am in trouble! I think I will have to wait till next week to read number two so I can get some stuff done! I am totally a fan and on board with the TWI- HARDS!!