Thursday, March 13, 2008

My MAD Scientists!

Today was full of science! I was watching my sisters kids after school, which my boys look forward to every week. Logan just finished his last week in his Mad Science program yesterday. All of his fun projects have inspired his brothers to be excited about science. Today all the kids wanted to make "potions". Mason got a water bottle and filled it with water, then we added salt, pepper, and some lovely green food coloring (because potions HAVE to be green). He was so excited to have his own bottle of potion that could possibly turn you into a pokey weed! His cousins, Sophia and Kian wanted to make their own potions too. Sophia's potion contained water, salt, pepper, and yellow food-coloring and if you drink it, it will turn you into a banana bigger than the earth. Kian's potion was blue, Noah's potion was light green, and Logan's had one drop of red, one of yellow, one of green and one of blue. This was a blast for them and soooooo easy. I recommend it for any kids who are interested in "science".
My little "scientists"!


Keri and Corey said...

Super Fun! What a great Idea.