Monday, October 13, 2008

Noah's eye surgery!

I haven't posted for a while because I've been busy taking care of everyone!! We're still working on Dave's leg, but I'll post later about that. Meanwhile, we've finally had Noah's eye surgery done.
On October 1st, we went to the surgery center at 7am. We simply told Noah that Dr. Satterfield was going to fix his eyes. We didn't want to scare him too much or he'd never come with us. He was actually pretty excited, he really didn't have a clue what was coming.
Here is Noah in the waiting room when we first got there. He was just his happy little self, like usual. You may notice his left eye is not centered like the right. That is why we're having the surgery, to tighten up the muscle that has slipped back and won't allow his eye to go much farther.

He's always so happy we just love our little Noah. This is his second eye surgery, his first was when he was 1 yr. old.
After a while they brought us back to another waiting room where we dressed him for surgery and he got to watch a movie on his own little DVD player while we waited for the "silly juice" to come.
We told Noah they would give him some "silly juice" to drink that would make him silly. He was pretty excited about that...until he tasted it. YUCK! He spit it out! They ended up having to shoot it up his nose to be absorbed through the membrane, it actually works faster that way anyway. He wasn't so happy about that, but he calmed down fast and kept watching his movie. He eventually got really sleepy and limp. His speech was slurred and he was talking about weird stuff. He was ready for his anesthesia! They took him away and got started. We were a little nervous, of course, but we've done this before.
The surgery took about an hour and then his recovery from the anesthesia took about 45 minutes or so. He was not happy when he first woke up. He was very mad in fact, and probably in pain. I felt a little guilty for not letting him know what was going to happen, but he never would have cooperated otherwise. He fell back asleep quickly (with some help) and when he woke up the second time he was much happier. He was, however a little nervous when he saw 2 Mommys. "Mom, look behind you!!" I looked and saw a mural on the wall... "No, mommy! Who's that behind you?!!" He was really scared at first. We had to explain to him that since they fixed his eyes they were being a little silly right now. He would see 2 Mommys and 2 Daddys for a while. Eventually, he thought it was hilarious and that's all he talked about the whole way home! "Look, there's two cars, look there's two carseats!"
Here is his eye after the surgery. The Dr. decided it was only necessary to operate on the left eye, that should fix the problem. He was pretty happy when we got home, not complaining or in lots of pain. He was just so in awe that there were two of everything. It made him a little clumsy though. He couldn't walk well and was bumping into things. Still happy though.
We bought him a toy at Target and an Icee. That made him feel pretty special. His recovery has been great. His eye is slowly looking more normal and he's seeing better now. In a few weeks he should be all better!!