Monday, November 19, 2007

I love this girl!!

Where do I begin!! This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world!! Wendi Weight (now Sorenson) and I met when we were 13 years old. She was this humble girl who grew up in Utah and just moved to California from Chicago. I taught her how to ROCK!! Just kidding, I did teach her a few things about music though. Our friendship is filled with music, so many memories! We've been through so much together! She now lives in Koosharem, Utah (what? you've never heard of it??? Don't worry, no one else has either.) We do get to see each other a few times a year when she comes out here to visit her family. This past weekend she came for her brother's fiancee's bridal shower. She was nice enough to invite me so we could see each other! I love her so much, I wish she would just move here already!!!

"Side by side, you and I, always friends- takin' every step walking hand in hand,

Side by side, you and I, till the end- we'll make it together if we're walking hand in hand"

"Did you ever know that you're my hero, you're everything I would like to be

I can fly higher than an eagle, you are the wind beneath my wings"

"All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms

Words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm"

Ohhhh, I could go on and on. The memories will be with me forever, thank you for being the best friend I have ever had. You are like a sister to me, we will always be friends. We are stronger for the trials we have been through in our lives. I'm so glad that I have had you to go through some hard times with. I am thankful for our friendship, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wendi will be turning 31 on Novemver 26th, Happy Birthday Wend!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Bitter Boys on Halloween!

This year Dave and I got to finally dress up as a couple. Dave was Jack Skellington from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas and I was his "lady friend" Sally. At our annual Halloween bash that our friends throw every year we won for best couple costumes!!

Well, after Logan reading Harry Potter books 1-5 it was Harry Potter fever in our house all Summer. It was no wonder that he and Mason chose to be wizards for Halloween. Logan got seniority and chose to be Harry and Mason was Ronald Weasley. For those of you not in the know about Harry Potter characters, Ron is Harry's red-headed best friend. This is the reason for the orange hair. Oma was so kind and knitted the boys each a scarf with the Griffindor colors, just like Harry and Ron had in the movies. I didn't realize until now, though, that Dave let them go trick-or-treating with flip flops on!!! Harry and Ron NEVER would have worn flip-flops! Then came our two little pirates! Captain Jack Sparrow, or as Noah calls him "Jackson Jackson Peerow" and his little first mate, Roman. They were both so cute! Noah has had a thing for Capt. Jack since Disneyland! He loved dressing up like his pirate hero. Roman was the cutest thing ever!! He waddled around the house with me while the big boys were out getting candy. When the doorbell would ring he'd run for the door and start handing out handfuls of candy. Then he'd wave goodbye and slam the door on them. It was so fun to watch him!

Dave's Jack-o-lantern!

This year Dave decided to carve the old school pixelated characters from Mario Brothers Nintendo video games. He entered them in an online Nintendo pumpkin carving contest.
See?... It's Mario running!'s a Gumba!
See... it's one of those "?" boxes that Mario punches to get some gold coins!!

Pinewood Derby

Dave entered our ward's Pinewood Derby Race this year. He took the boys with him and they had a blast watching all the cars racing. It was a pretty intense competition. Dave, however, decided to spend more time on making his car LOOK cool instead of actually being able to race. It was a black coffin with a little Lego skeleton head. Pretty cool looking, but would it be able to win??
Well, not only did it now win but it never even finished a race. (Unless you count the one when Logan helped it cross the finish line. ) Dave did win an award though. He won the "Slow as Molasses" award! He had fun which is the most important thing.
This is Dave's car when it raced the winning car designed by Ken Hodgson, here in the black shirt. Well, Dave learned his lesson for next year... it's all about speed!