Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pinewood Derby

Dave entered our ward's Pinewood Derby Race this year. He took the boys with him and they had a blast watching all the cars racing. It was a pretty intense competition. Dave, however, decided to spend more time on making his car LOOK cool instead of actually being able to race. It was a black coffin with a little Lego skeleton head. Pretty cool looking, but would it be able to win??
Well, not only did it now win but it never even finished a race. (Unless you count the one when Logan helped it cross the finish line. ) Dave did win an award though. He won the "Slow as Molasses" award! He had fun which is the most important thing.
This is Dave's car when it raced the winning car designed by Ken Hodgson, here in the black shirt. Well, Dave learned his lesson for next year... it's all about speed!