Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christ the Redeemer

This is my new favorite photo. My dad sent me a slideshow of this photographers photos of this statue of Christ overlooking Rio de Janiero in Brazil. This is absolutely breathtaking. Right now, when I look at this picture, I wish so badly that I could travel to Rio and experience this amazing statue in it's grandeur. I wonder if the Brazilians know how lucky they are to have such a beautiful reminder of their Savior's love for them. We have a friend, Steve Pinegar, who has just left to serve a two year mission in Sao Paolo Brazil, not too far from Rio. I printed this picture out for him because it was so touching to me.


The LOWEdown said...

That is a beautiful picture!! i love your pictures of your boys too! i just started a blog too and its a lot! i don't know half the stuff to do but i guess i will figure it out~!!