Sunday, October 14, 2007

Summertime Ward Park Days!

One of my favorite activities this summer was going once a week to the Rocklin Splash park. We had a ward park day at that park once this summer and it was fun for the kids to all play together with their friends from church and for the moms to chat while watching the little ones. We had a great turn out this day. I decided to take some pictures to put on the blog for the girls in the ward to see. I ended up not taking that many though, sorry.
I thought these girls were so cute together. I am just in awe when I see little girls play together. My four boys are SOOO different. They would never just sit in the sun and talk. It would be more like wrestling or pouring water all over each other. ( Catherine Hughes, Hallie Dalebout, Maddie Merrill)
Allison Carter and April Shouse are some of the sweetest girls I had the privilege to get to know this summer. They both moved in this summer and got involved right away! I actually knew April's sister Becky growing up.
Our Relief Society President Jennifer Penney, Tierra Lowry, and our Bishop's wife Diana Merrill chat at the park.
Cory and Keri Dalebout are such cool people. They have a daughter Logan's age and a son Mason's age. He's one of the lucky husbands that actually got to spy on the women to see what we actually do during the day. He works at the Kaiser ICU during the graveyard shift. They just had their third child recently, baby boy Brody.
These two ladies are real go getters. Cherie Hodgson (left) has four kids and still manages to scrapbook, exercise, hold Mommy-n-Me activities, and teach Relief Society. Amazing girl! Tierra Lowry moved into the ward this summer and got moving quickly starting a scrapbooking and card making club. She's been a great asset to the ward!
I am so lucky to be part of the Lincoln 2nd Ward. We are a huge ward (nearing 800 members) and are mostly young couples with young children. There are so many wonderful friendly people in our ward and there is constantly something fun going on. I can't wait 'til next summer!