Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Camping at Olema Ranch

This summer, the weekend before school started, we went on a two night camping trip to Olema Ranch near Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County. This is the second time we've gone there with a group from our ward. This year there were 6 families that went. Tom & Emily Brasher, Caleb & Amy Summerhays, Mark & Kari Stacy, Mark & Alyssa Camblin, and Matt & Rachel Ludlow. We each have 4 kids, except Camblins and Stacy's who have two kids each. We totalled 20 kids and 12 adults, yes.........craziness! It was a blast though. Then men brought their mountain bikes and got to go on a couple of rides. This picture is after one of the rides. This is Mark and Kari Stacy. They are a couple of goof balls. We have so much fun with them. They were the only couple that stuck it out to the last night with us! Way to go Stacy's!!

I realized this camping trip that I better get used to this because this is the beginning of many years camping with these boys! They feel so much freedom camping: they can run around, get dirty, eat junk, stay up late, etc..... This is the life!

This was Roman's first camping trip and he had a blast. We had to keep an eagle eye on that kid or he'd end up yards away in other people's campsites! That kid can RUN!
These boys absolutely LOVE camping, there were so much in their element. They love running around and getting dirty. They LOVED the campfire especially!
The day before we left, we all went to Heart's Desire beach not too far from our camp site. The kids played in the sand and explored the beach. It was beautiful but rather small. Logan enjoyed collecting the seaweed.
We had lots of fun and plan on another few camping trips next summer!