Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The boys first day of school! (Aug. 22nd)

What a fun year this will be! Mason started kindergarten at the end of August this year, which he's been waiting for forever!! All summer he asked when school would start. He was a tad nervous, but mostly just excited to be one of the big kids going to real school. He got the same Kindergarten teacher Logan had so we're very excited! We had to laugh the first week of school. When the kids break rules or get in trouble they get an "oops", if they get in trouble again it's double "oops" and a time-out. Third time is triple "oops" and a call home. Well, how interesting to hear that my fiesty little Mason got an "oops" on the second day of school. Then a double "oops" on the fourth day of school. Okay, now I'm concerned. Logan got like two "oops" the whole year of kindergarten. Well, weeks have gone by now and no more "oops". I think the teacher was just trying to scare the kids straight, and it worked! I've worked in the classroom a few times and Mason is doing great. PHEW! What a relief! Logan is a big 2nd grader this year, YAHOO! He got an awesome teacher, Mrs. Morris. She has been amazing! He's done so well in her class so far, we're so pleased. He is our little bookworm! That kid reads anything he can get his hands on. He reads books over and over again. This summer he read the first 5 Harry Potter books!! Amazing! We would even quiz him on the plot because we couldn't believe he was actually reading them that fast and getting everything. Well, he aced our Pop quizzes! Once school started, he's slowed down on the Harry books, of course he's only got two left to read. He's joined the Garden Club at school and is very interested in science. He's doing very well in math and shocks me with how quickly he can do math in his head. We're so pleased with his progress!

Best buddies! Logan and Mason have been getting along so much better this year. I think having Mason at the same school has helped Logan be more interested in hangin' with his little bro.
My little sweetie pie Noah started preschool this year! (sniff, sniff) I can't believe he's going to school already! When Logan started preschool with Ms. Danai I was just barely pregnant with Noah! Now he's going to her school, weird. He loves it there, but tells me every morning he goes that he'll miss me. He is so sweet. He loves to show me all the cool things he's made at school. What a big boy!


Ashley Clark said...

First day of school? In October? Are your kids on the year-round schedule? Or maybe these are old pictures! :) Your boys are adorable! They look like twins.

David & Catherine Bitter said...

Ok, Ashley, I'm a dork. i totally forgot to specify that these are from the end of August. I'm still catching up on my blogging, I took the whole summer off. I'm almost caught up. Thanks for always checking in. Your blog is cute too! Great to hear from you!