Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mason's Preschool Graduation!!

In June we celebrated Mason's preschool graduation. He enjoyed the same wonderful preschool that Logan did the previous two years. He had such a fun time and met so many great friends.
His teacher, Ms. Danai Mooneyham, has been absolutely amazing for the last four years! He had a class of 8 boys and 2 girls. Poor Sadie and Anna! They were a darling group of boys though.
Mason's shining moment!
This is Mason and his best preschool buddy Levi Barney. We are actually great friends with Levi's family. They have three boys so we got along famously!
Ms. Danai has become a Bitter Boys family tradition now. She now has Noah and has Roman to look forward to also. (as long as she keeps teaching!)
Congratulations to Mason, Kindergarten -- WATCHOUT!!


Oma said...

I had a great time watching Mason's graduation. Congratulations, Mason! Oma