Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Sad Farewell to the Barneys...

For the last four years we've been friends with Reid and Emily Barney. They were in our ward when we moved in but then they were called into the Spanish Branch. Even though we weren't in the same ward we'd stayed great friends and hung out all the time. When we met they just had their oldest son Levi, who is Mason's age. As our families grew, it was so fun that we both had all boys. Boy, was our house crazy when we'd get together!! ( going down the slide with lightsabers and sword, Levi, Noah, Mason, and Zachery)
It was a huge ordeal just to have these crazy boys sit for 2 minutes while I tried to take a picture. No luck getting them all to smile but his one is close. They all played really well together.
This is Reid and Emily's youngest, Austin. He is such a doll.
I just love Roman's glowing blue eyes! He has the best personality too!!
Here's Dave with Reid and Emily on our last night together. Reid took a job in Utah, near Salt Lake. They currently live in Riverton. Dave and Reid were perfect for each other. Both self professed geeks and love playing video games together. Dave will miss having Reid to hang out with.
Me with Reid and Emily. I am really going to miss having Emily around. She's is one of those people you can always count on to help you, shop with you, chat with, etc.... She is what I consider an absolute, 100% true friend. I could talk to her about anything and I trust her implicitly. She would never say a cross word about anyone. She has been a wonderful example to me over the last four years. I miss her already...
Mason and Levi were such good little buddies. I'm sad for Mason that he won't have Levi anymore. He is such a sweet little boy.


Grandma Bitter said...

Cathi & Dave, These pictures are wonderful! I went through the whole "blog" and had a great time looking at the growth of those darling boys! Keep it up--I love looking at them!


Julie said...

Fun! Your boys looks so grown up. Roman is a doll! I miss it there (sigh!)