Friday, February 15, 2008

A Happy Valentine's Day to me!!

So this year was Dave's year to plan our Valentine's date. I reminded him about two weeks ahead so he could start planning. He did an awesome job!! He secured my mom to babysit then wisked me off on our date! First we drove to old Rocklin and I couldn't imagine where we were going on this side of town. We stopped at a cute little "boutique cupcakery", as they call it. Dave had gone a week ago and put in an order for some gourmet cupcakes. We had to pick them up before dinner because they closed earlier than we would make it back. The shop is darling, with a bunch of cute women busying themselves with cupcake orders. Dave had ordered four kinds: red velvet, apple pie, chocolate mint, and regular chocolate. They threw in an extra coconut for free! That just made my night right there, that Dave had planned this out ahead and it was something special and different.

The cupcakes are amazing and I highly recommend anyone in the Rocklin area try them! It's a super fun dessert with TONS of varieties to choose from. They have a website, PLEASE check them out:

We proceeded to dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory. I know, I know, not super romantic. But, Dave doesn't like pasta and he took me to a pasta place because he knows how much I adore pasta, that is so sweet of him! I love their spaghetti with Mizithra cheese in brown butter sauce, mmmmm my favorite. Actually Dave ordered it too and we both loved it! We rarely get to have an uninterrupted conversation so it was wonderful to talk with each other. This was a great Valentine's Day for both of us! Thank you so much Dave for planning such a fun evening, I love you!


Ashley Clark said...

What a fun evening. I LOVE the area you're in and it's been too long since I've been there.

Tierra Lowry said...

Won't You by Shel Silverstein

Barbara's eyes are blue as azure
But she is in love with Freddy,
Karen's sweet but Harry has her,
Gentle Jane is going steady.
Carol hates me, so does May,
Abigail will not be mine,
Nancy lives too far away....
Won't you be my Valentine?

I just thought that was cute. Thank goodness we are married and don't have to deal with that anymore. We just get to enjoy and adore our mates.
I'm glad your Valentine's was awesome.

Keri and Corey said...

cathi thanks for your comment! those little cupcakes are so adorable. did you take the pictures? you did a great job, they are really good. Also the pictures from the valentines party are super fun. it looks like you all had a blast, oh and I have to say that your makeup looks really great! I suck at that, maybe sometime you can give me some pointers!

The Elmers said...

Oh how sweet! That's a good idea to take turns!!

Julie said...

So I've been blog stalking and found you! I lost your blog address so I'm glad I found it again! I'm gonna add you to my links on my blog. K...looking at the pictures of the Brasher valentine party is KILLIN ME!!!!!!!! After 2 1/2 years I still miss everyone so much! Aaaaahhhhh, sad for me. : ( Anyways, glad to see everyone is doing well! Keep in touch and make sure to check out my blog