Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Merry Christmas Day!!

Here are all my boys on Christmas morning on there way down the stairs. I like to torture them by making them take a few pictures before they see if Santa brought them presents. They're still smiling though.
Santa put foam swords in all the boys stockings so they can swash-buckle each other up and not hurt anyone too much. Great idea Santa!!
Santa brought Logan and Mason a huge Lego Airport city. They were sooooo excited, they put the whole thing together that morning.
Santa also brought them a huge gumball machine that doubles as a piggy bank. They won't be saving much money though. We found out soon that you don't actually need change to get a gumball. No one bothers to ask for money before twisting the knob anymore. Well, the gumballs will be gone soon I guess....
We had a lovely Christmas! It was nice to have our own little family Christmas and relax a bit and enjoy the day to ourselves. Oma came over later in the afternoon for a bit to see what the kids got, that was nice to have her visit. We had to pack up that night to get ready to leave in the morning. I was pretty tired and didn't end up finishing my packing before going to bed. We ended up having lots of packing left to do the next morning and didn't end up leaving until 11am. We drove the whole way to Arizona in one shot. We thought about staying the night in Long Beach but decided to just power through. Dave let me drive for a few hours. I did great once we got my IPOD working. I discovered that if I listened to music that I could sing to I didn't get sleepy. I sang through both High School Muscial soundtracks and my "favorites" playlist that I run to, that kept me awake!! We arrived in Queen Creek AZ around 1:30am (our time)- 2:30am (their time).


April said...

Love the PJ's! Your awesome for making that drive to AZ! I am tired just from reading about it! :)

Julie said...

Cathi, I am dying. We so have the same taste in things. Last Christmas (2006) We had the same Pj's for our kids as you did for yours. Now this Christmas (2007)We again have the same pjs!! How funny!