Friday, December 21, 2007

Roman age 22 months

I don't often get my kids to pose well for me, but today was a good day. I figured it was a good time of year to show how much he's grown and what he's up to. I've never sent out the form Christmas letter telling everyone what my kids are into, etc... Here's my chance to fill you all in.
Roman is our little angel! He is as sweet as he is cute! He is just learning how to talk and it is so fun. He says "mimi" for Mommy and he finally started saying "daddy". He is really good at saying "nooooo", of course. He is hilarious when we get him saying "oh ya" over and over again. He's just like his brothers, rowdy and loves to wrestle in the mix with them. He's pretty tough and doesn't cry much when he gets bonked or falls down. He loves it when we read to him, which we do everytime we put him to sleep. He is our first child who we call "a runner". This means he loves to run off whenever he sees an opening and when he hears us call his name he runs faster in the opposite direction. What a stinker! He's really quite fast too, very agile, not clumsy at all. He has the most infectious belly laugh when you tickle him. He has amazing blue eyes and people always comment on his "strawberry blond" hair. We're sure it'll fade soon, but it's fun to have a fair one. Roman is such a blessing of peace in our home!
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