Friday, December 21, 2007

Noah age 46 months (almost 4!)

Noah is such a character. He is very animated with us at home. He is very shy and quiet around everyone else. That's weird for us, we never expected a shy child. He's learning to come out of his shell since he started preschool this year. He goes to the same preschool his older brothers went to so he was already familiar with it. He still is a little sad when I drop him off every Tuesday and Thursday morning, he always says to me, "Mommy, I'll miss you". It's sooooo sweet! He's very lovey and enjoys cuddling in bed with us in the morning. I can almost always count on him to wander into our room somewhere around 5am and crawl under the covers with me. He loves watching the Backyardigans and is so cute dancing and singing along to all the songs. He was Capt. Jack Sparrow for Halloween and still loves to pretend being a pirate. He has a really good sense of humor, good comedic timing actually. He is really good at making us all laugh. He finally got the potty-training down and he gets to wear "big boy underwear" all the time now, even to bed. This is something he is very proud of. He will be a "Sunbeam" at church starting in January, I wonder if he'll sit still because he's shy or if he'll get comfortable and be crazy. I guess we'll see. Noah always makes us smile, and we can't bear not to squeeze him!
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