Friday, December 21, 2007

Mason 5 1/2 years old

Mason is such a mature 5 year old. He reminds me sooooo much of me when I was his age. He's even inherited my silly "Snoopy smile". Unfortunately, he's got the bad with the good. He is super sweet and lovey, very passionate about everything he does. He is a bit on the dramatic side though. Hey, I always say he's as close to a daughter as we're going to get. He is so "boy" though. Very rough-n-tumble and loves running around outside. He is really good at the monkey bars. He is enjoying his first year of school very much. Kindergarten suits him. He has so much fun with the kids in his class and he tells me he has a "girlfriend". I'm going to have to worry about this one. He loves to play video games with Logan and Daddy. They began the year off with lots of Pokemon and are ending it with lots of Mario. He is such a sweet helper. He has helped me "clean up" many times and relishes the praise he receives when he does good. He has a great vocabulary for his age, I assume it's all the reading we do with him, but I think he looks up to his older brother a lot too. He has a great memory....he retells the scripture stories we read to him and seems to enjoy learning about all the Book of Mormon heros. He cherishes his friends and always looks forward to us having people over to the house. He brings a lot of life into our home and a very sweet spirit. It's been so fun watching Mason grow this year!
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