Friday, December 21, 2007

Logan 7 1/2 years old

Logan is awesome! He never ceases to amaze us with his growing intellect. He reads like a maniac and remembers everything he reads! He started 2nd grade this year with a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Morris. He checks out multiple books a day at the library. He reads them, then brings them back at recess to get more. He reads at above a 6th grade level. This summer we were thrilled when he read the first four Harry Potter books. He lost steam for Harry Potter when school started so he hasn't finished book 5 yet. He has already read the Book of Mormon on his own and starts it again when he's done. He enjoys math too. He is already asking us about Algebra. He loves making up secret code languages to write in. It's fun to try to dicipher his codes when he gives them to us. He has great grammar and makes sure to correct anyone who uses incorrect grammar, mostly Mason gets the brunt of it. He loves to play video games with Mason and Daddy. He enjoys building "inventions" and playing with Legos. He is a peace keeper in our home (most of the time). He is very protective of his younger brothers and is good at sticking up for them when they're being repressed. He is always happy and enthusiastic about life. He cherishes his "sleepy toys". He's got a bed full of friends, mostly Pokemon plush toys but there are a few random guys he's found. Logan is a never-ending ball of energy with so much to share with us.
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