Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our April Fools Day dinner!

Dave had all the April Fools day ideas this year! Remember to thank him for that! He thought it would be fun for the kids if we had a crazy dinner. We made German pancakes with green food coloring and called it "Monster guts" and we added red food coloring to the syrup so we could pour "Dragon blood" all over our "monster guts". The kids were a little concerned at first.
If you look at Noah's face in this picture, you can clearly see the concern on his face. He's our pickiest eater already. He did eventually try it and finally love it. The others eventually said, "Hey this is just German pancakes with red syrup!" They too enjoyed it.
Dave and I are both jokesters and always love a good practical joke! This is always a fun day for us! BTW, I totally freaked my mom and sister out with our OTHER April Fools day joke!! So much fun!!


April said...

That is awesome!!! Love that idea!!

Your "other" joke had me almost in tears... not funny... don't ever move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Jenn's bubble idea... i will definitely have to try it out!

The LOWEdown said...

Wow, congratulations on the job! that is really exciting!! When are you guys moving out there? And that house is beautiful!!! We miss seeing you guys and everybody else in the ward!

Keri said...

You guys are such fun parents! That is such a good idea. I will have to do something like that next year.

Pabst Family said...

How funny. We love German Pancakes at our house, too. except for my kids call em pop up pancakes. In fact, it is tradition to eat them confrence Sunday here so we will be enjoying them tommorow. Hey, I just saw your comment about my kitchen table. Cool, we do both have good taste! I would love to see you on the 24th. Fill me in on the details. Love you!!!