Monday, April 7, 2008

Mason lost his first tooth!!

(Mason held my camera and took this picture of himself)
On Saturday morning Mason came to me to tattle on one of his brothers for hitting him. While he was talking to me I noticed his loose tooth was gone...."Mason, where's your tooth!" I say. He quickly feels the spot with his finger and notices that his tooth is missing. Screaming now, "Logan, Logan, I lost my tooth, I lost my tooth!" It was so funny. He didn't even know he'd lost it. The bad news was that we never found it though. Luckily, the Tooth Fairy was nice enough to still bring him a dollar. He is so proud to be part of Logan's tooth loss club now.


Julie said...

Can you believe our little cherubs who were what...18 months when I first moved to Lincoln are now losing teeth? Incidentally Jackson lost a tooth in a similar fashion...Natalie punched him in the face. Too funny. BTW...I comment on your blog so don't you think its about time you comment on mine???? : )

Bubba & Tara said...

Cathi!!! This is Tara Morris. I am not sure how I found you! I was just clicking through a friends Blog and three blogs later I saw your name, and I thought no way this is not them because there is another family out here with your exact name. Cathi Bitter! Wow it has been soooo long. It is so late right now, I need to find a way to get your blog address. I am new at this and do not know how, but what I will do is give you mine and you can send it to me. I hope you find this. Looks like all is well, your family is beautiful. Take care!

Pabst Family said...

How exciting for Mason. Maya has a wiggley tooth that she rarely leaves alone. She can't wait for it to fall out. It is all very exciting!