Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Anyone want a darling puppy???

My dear friend Rachel has to get rid of their puppy, Delilah. They were taking care of her when her brother couldn't. But now she realized it's a lot of work with four busy kids and she works too. They love her and want her to go to a happy home. If you are interested in a darling little puppy for your family please comment and I will give you Rachel's info to contact her. Delilah really is so cute, my kids love her. If I could, I would take her in a second, but my fish just died. I'm thinking if I can't keep my fish alive, a dog might be a tad harder.
Name: Delilah
Breed: Yorkie-maltese
Age: 11 months
Weight: 6 pounds full grown
Color: White with tan undertones
Condition: She is house broken, has been spayed, has had her baby teeth removed, has received all of her vaccinations and boosters and has been extremely well cared for.
Cost: To be negotiated


Amy said...

I would LOVE to take her puppy. We want a dog so bad and that breed is great with kids but CRAP! I live in Utah!... Will she ship? :)

Laura Smith said...

I'd take her in a second if I could! Shaun can only handle one dog at a time though... :(