Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Longoria Family

On November 6th we had some family in town to visit and they all came over to our house for dinner. My aunt Viola and uncle Vern were in town visiting from South Dakota and they picked up my Grandmother and aunt Gina from Fresno and brought them over to our house. My mom, my dad, my sister Stephanie and her husband Richard and their kids, Sophia and Kian all came over. Needless to say it was a full house but only 6 kids so that was easy. We made a very simple dinner and just chatted. We only see aunt Gina and our grandmother, or Abuela as we have our kids call her, about every two years or so. I hadn't seen my aunt Viola and uncle Vern since my grandfather's funeral, about 15 years ago. My grandmother is getting old and I'm not sure much longer she'll be with us, so it was a treat to spend some time with her. She turned 87 years old this June. She is pretty healthy for her age. As long as I've known her she's been in good shape and had good energy. She has always dressed stylish and loves to look nice. She had her nails painted red and cute hot pink pants. She still wears skinny, high heeled shoes!! She says she's worn high heels for so many years that her feet hurt if she wears flats. My dad once showed me a picture of her from many years ago when she had been working outside and was wearing high heels.( that's wear I get that from....)

It was so fun for my aunts and Grandmother to see all my kids. Last time I saw my grandmother I had two kids and was pregnant with Noah. Last time I saw aunt Gina I had Logan and was pregnant with Mason. Crazy! This was really fun, I really loved having them all over at my house and hope we can visit again soon!


Anonymous said...

Cathi, Jeremy and I wanted to thank you so much for the very cute baby blanket!! Hope to keep in touch. Mandi & Jeremy

Mom said...

It was wonderful seeing Mom, Viola, Vern, and Gina, thanks so much for your visit. Of course, I always enjoy the rest of the family. Heide