Wednesday, January 3, 2007

We had a Very, Merry Christmas!

Dave's brother Mike gave him a Naruto headband like the one Naruto wears in one of Dave's favorite shows. He was hilarious in that headband! He literally wore it all day long! Mike liked it so much he went out and bought his own, but his was from the "other tribe".
The boys got matching Lightning McQueen jammies from Grandma and Grandpa! The were so excited to wear them on Christmas night.

This is the boys in their Christmas jammies that they opened on Christmas eve, they were so cute! They couldn't contain their excitement for Christmas morning. It was hard to get them to bed that night!
This is Christmas morning before they went downstairs to see their presents. They are draped in their new blankies that I made for them that they opened on Christmas eve. Logan got a Pokemon blanket, Mason got a Star Wars blanket, and Noah got a Lightning McQueen & Mater blanket. They also each got a pair of slippers; Noah got Lightning McQueen, Mason got Mater, and Logan got Spongebob. They were very happy with them.

It was so fun having Grandma and Grandpa at our house for Christmas! They came two years ago for Noah's first Christmas and now they were able to be here for Roman's first Christmas! We had a great time together!

Uncle Mike came for Christmas too and the boys were so thrilled! He is so wonderful with the kids! They just adore him! Logan and Mason got Gameboy Micros from Santa and Mike got a little addicted to the Pokemon games that they got for their Micros. He helped them learn how to play and played for them a little too!
On Christmas day, my mom, dad, sister Stephanie and brother-in-law Richard and their two kids Sophia and Kian all came over for Christmas dinner. It was fun to see the cousins playing together and they exchanged presents as well. I unfortunately was busy enough getting the dinner ready that I forgot to take pictures, Darn! It was a great time! We had a lovely dinner, even the kids were good! We had turkey and ham, "Funeral potatoes", green bean bake, raspberry jello, mixed veggies, rolls, fruit salad, and a special slushie drink. After dinner we had some of Lorraine's (Dave's mom) amazing banana cream pie!! It was a great Christmas, we felt very blessed to be able to have spent it surrounded by our loved ones!