Sunday, December 10, 2006

The company Christmas party....

Every year SMUD (Dave's company) puts on a wonderful children's Christmas party. They have so many fun activites and games for the kids. The kids all have a blast and really look forward to it.
They got to see Santa and tell him what they'd like for Christmas and take pictures with him. They were so excited!
There was this funny game where you go into this "Cash Booth" with fake dollars blowing around like crazy. You have a set time and you have to grab as much "cash" as you can and who ever grabs the most gets a prize. It was so funny watching them do this! Noah mostly just stood there throwing the money up in the air. At first, when Logan went in he started nicely stuffing the cash in his pockets. Once he saw the other kid just grabbing armfuls he quickly changed his game plan. We laughed, it really was hilarious! We walked away with a pretty good prize....a little rubber ducky that Logan gave to Roman! How sweet!
There was a huge Spongebob bounce house that they jumped in. Here's Noah having a great ol' time jumping around in there. This was a long but fun day. We had the company party until 2:30pm then we had our ward Christmas party at 5pm. The boys had a blast there too. We got to socialize with our friends while the boys ran around the halls of the church with all the other kids for 2 hours. They had so much fun!