Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Christmas Season

My favorite time of year is when it's time to put up all the Christmas decorations. Exactly when is the right time is up for debate in our house. I wanted to put up the tree before Thanksgiving but Dave thought that was a little weird. I understand his point but when it takes so many hours to get the house decorated, you don't want to take it all down 3 weeks later! I want to enjoy it for a while. So we put up the tree the weekend before Thanksgiving!
I love my Christmas tree, it makes our house feel so magical and festive! It also reminds me of why we celebrate Christmas. We have a set of three beautiful glass angel ornaments that are my favorite. Once angel is blowing a horn to shout glad tidings of great joy to the world that our Savior was born.

One angel is holding a star which was the sign used to announce his birth to the world. The last angel is holding a candle to remind us that He is the light of the world. I hope we can all remember why we celebrate this wonderful season.