Monday, September 8, 2008

What has Dave been up to you ask???

Dave is a busy guy, usually. However, because of his virus and leg infection he hasn't been into work since last Wednesday. So, many of you have been asking...."So what is he doing all day?". I caught him while he wasn't looking and got a picture to show everyone what an awesome husband I have. Here he is, stuck, immobile on the couch....he could be playing video games, watching TV, movies, etc..... What is he doing you say??? He's reading Eclipse, the 3rd book in the Twilight series!! He told me he was having Vampire/Werewolf dreams last night. He also was dreaming of an X-men guy that was a vampire and caught bad guys for the government.
Trust me, he's as manly as they get. He really likes the books though. But for different reasons than most women do, he likes the superhuman characters and all the action. He complains about how annoying Bella can be sometimes and how melodramatic she is. (In her defense, I think anyone would get a little dramatic amidst life with vampires and werewolves....)
Dave and I actually have great "Twilight series" discussions sometimes. I appreciate that he's interested in something I'm interested in. Depending on when he gets better and goes back to work, he may get Breaking Dawn finished!!
*************************************************************************************** I just thought I'd add a couple pictures of the kids. Noah fell asleep in this weird position at the dinner table last night. I couldn't believe he was possibly comfortable. He'd had a long day though.
This is a cool Lego pit that Logan built for the Lego Magazine's Cool Creations. He had me take a few pictures to send into the magazine. This one has Mason in it, but he didn't help Logan make it. Roman promptly destroyed it after only a few hours. It's been rebuilt a few times now, thanks to Roman's destructive nature.


Julie said...

That is so funny that Dave is reading the Twilight series. That would never happen at my house mostly cause TJ doesn't read anything other then his scriptures, golf digest and sports illustrated. I don't mind though. Its nice to have something that is "my thing."

April said...

That is just awesome!!! All I have to say is that he is a stud for reading those. I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear your discussions!

Hope he is feeling better these days! Hope you are feeling well too! :)

Susanne said...

My favorite thing about legos is that when the baby brother ruins it, it can be put back together again!! And it usually comes out even cooler. I wish I could get John to read Stephenie's books... I bet he would if he had time on his hands... but, to be honest, I'm glad he doesn't sometimes!

Julie said...

I love that Dave is reading those books! I just finished Breaking Dawn and Justin asked me for the recap and how it ended. How do you even explain when he doesn't even know what happened in the first book. I have to agree with Dave though, Bella drove me a little crazy the first couple of books. She kind of has an attitude problem. But I loved her in Breaking Dawn! Anyways, I hope Logan wins the Lego contest! He is such a cutie.

Keri said...

I hope you are all doing better! Daves leg looks soooo painful. ouch! I can only imagine. call if you need anything