Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My little Scout!

Logan is our first boy scout. He actually started in June but we didn't end up getting his uniform until a couple weekends ago. This was the first meeting he got to wear his uniform to. He looks so handsome and he just loved wearing it. No joke...he wears his scout hat to bed every night! He wants to wear it to school too but I told him I don't want it to get lost. I've still got lots of patches to sew on but you get the idea. He's doing great in scouts so far. With Daddy's help, he's moving quickly through the Wolf scout book, passing off all kinds of badges. He'll be an Eagle Scout in no time!
I just had to include this picture. Noah is such a sweet brother. Instead of being jealous of his older brothers' activities he is excited for them. This day was actually scouts for Logan and Mason's first soccer practice. Noah was so excited for both of them. He keeps talking about how he'll turn 8 and get to go to scouts. He loves seeing his brothers doing fun stuff.


Carrie said...

Wow, there is something about a Scout uniform.....he looks so dang old. How fun!!

Julie said...

good times in scouts. jackson loves it too but isn't even close to getting his wolf since we didn't have cubs in illinois. and just btw...i'm the wolf den leader in our ward so i get to wear a snazzy scout uniform too. (no laughing please!)