Friday, May 23, 2008

Noah's preschool Bike day...

I'm a little behind here on my blogging but I'm gonna try to make up for it with a few posts. Noah had a fun "Bike day" at his preschool a few weeks ago. For the last hour of school all the kids came out front with their bikes and helmets and rode around the chalk paths that a few of the moms had drawn for them. It was so cute to see all these four year olds on their little bikes.
Noah has a cute retro looking tricycle that he kind of knows how to ride. He had fun with the other kids, they all kept bumping into each other. A few kids bumped into me while I was taking pictures, OUCH! Noah is such a sweet heart, I couldn't help but smile with pride while watching him try so hard to ride around.
He is such a happy kid!


Julie said...

Does he have the old vintage Radio Flyer? If so, Santa brought that for Brady for Christmas year before last and it totally broke! That's a cute idea though. Have a bike day at school!