Thursday, May 24, 2007

Logan's 7th Birthday at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Logan was so excited to go to Six Flags for his birthday! He wanted to ride all the scary rides. Unfortunately, the rest of Northern California felt that same way on that day. It was super busy, like Disneyland in July. Although, the weather was absolutely beautiful! No heat, just sunshine and a breeze! Logan is not quite tall enough to ride a lot of rides so that was a bit of a let down. He was not very happy at the animal shows, as you can see here in this picture with Oma at the Dolphin show.
Eventually we split up so Dave could take Logan on rides while Oma and I took Mason, Noah, and Roman to see the cool animals. Mason and Noah loved this walrus. He was so cool! If you clapped at him he'd clap his fins back at you. They loved hanging out with him.
It was so sweet to see how much Noah loved all the beautiful animals. He was enthralled with the fish and sharks. We later saw some giraffes, a tiger, an elephant and we walked around the butterfly experience. That was cool because they would fly right in front of you and maybe even land on you.

Noah and Roman were so good that day! We are so lucky to have such sweet little boys! They had a lot of fun and didn't mind that they couldn't ride a lot of rides.
Noah loved the shows! It was a special day with the kids....we'll go back again soon, except this time on a week day!! Logan said it turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever! (At least in the top 7!)