Thursday, February 8, 2007

A day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA

A log ride on a rainy day, huh.....doesn't sound very refreshing but they look excited.

Here are the pictures of Logan and Mason at Magic Mountain with Kris and Elisa Bartons kids, Taggart and Ellie. They seemed to get along well and they all had a great time at Magic Mountain, WITHOUT ME!! Oh well, I'll got next time. We did get season passes, they were the same price as regular admission how could we pass it up?

Tagg, Mason, Ellie and Logan posing with Flash and the Green Lantern? I'm not sure since I wasn't there. They seem like super heros to me.... My kids are always making silly faces in pictures. Here they are with some huge random bear....well I guess they're at an amusement park and these kinds of things are all over the place!